VII. How to Tell You’ve Chosen the Right TEM Provider

Initial indications that you’ve selected the right provider will appear during the preparation phase, even before the actual transition takes place. You’ll notice a top-notch provider offers a high-quality training program. Most likely, they’ll offer to host the training at their facility to ensure employees have a dedicated space where they can focus on learning. You’ll also observe that an industry leader will take great care in crafting a detailed transition plan. There are many unknowns during the transition period, including how your soon-to-be-former provider will behave. You’ll want a professional to manage this process. If you do encounter problems during the transition period, how well the provider handles them will be instructive. Organizational quality really shines through when a TEM provider is responding to a difficult situation. Once you’ve chosen the right TEM provider, you’ll receive regular reports on how much money they are saving you and how much more productive your employees can be. That value should be a source of pride for your organization. After all, it’s what TEM is all about.

TEM Provider Evaluation Checklist